In this series of urban quilts the soft tactile quality of textiles interacts with the geometric lines of the buildings. My decision to explore quilts as a primary medium influenced how I perceive my surroundings and the types of images I create. Quilting lends itself to straight lines and simple shapes. Looking for the subjects to translate into quilts, I found the inspiration in my urban surroundings. For the past two years I have been observing and documenting my neighborhood’s geometry. The way power lines frame the sky, the way buildings disappear into the fog, the flatness of the neighborhood water tower against the intense blue of the sky at dusk are my subjects. As a printmaker, I appreciate the process, which is methodical and contemplative. I make a drawing, scale it, and outline it, planning the piecing in the process. Piecing the quilt is like solving a puzzle: placing fine details next to a large expanse of solid fabric. Once the quilt is pieced together, I quilt it either by hand or with a machine, emphasizing the geometry of the image.